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When Is A Family Law Attorney Beneficial? What You Need To Know

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If you are in a family situation in which you think you need legal assistance, consider hiring a family law attorney. A family law attorney can give you more options and correct information than doing it on your own. A legal professional who works regularly in domestic and family cases is a significant benefit in many instances.
The following are some examples of when a family law attorney is essential to a positive outcome.
Your Spouse Wants a Divorce
If your spouse has served you with divorce papers, more likely than not your spouse already has a divorce in the works. This means he or she likely already has legal representation working on his or her behalf. Once you receive the papers, you need to quickly retain a family law attorney to help you get the process going.
Your attorney will explain what the divorce papers say, how the divorce process works, and what you should expect. If the divorce was a surprise to you, your attorney will help you navigate some of the most important items quickly, including your finances, your home, visitation with your children, and more.
Divorce petitions are time-sensitive, so you need to consult with a family law attorney as soon as possible to ensure you protect yourself.
You Spouse is Abusive
If you have an abusive spouse, you have many legal options available to you when you hire a family law attorney. Before anything else, you need to leave the home or call the police if you are in immediate danger. After you are in a safe place, a family law attorney will provide you with different legal options designed to protect you and your children from a spouse who is abusive.
Some options to consider include a divorce filing, establishment of a protective order, and protective child custody actions.
You or Your Former Spouse Wants to Move with the Children
When either you or your former spouse wants to move a long distance away with the children, the situation can quickly become precarious, ultimately resulting in a legal fight. If you want to move the children away, a family law attorney will help you design a plan that is in accordance with the law and coincides with your divorce decree.
If your spouse wants to move and you want to contest, your attorney will help you develop a case to fight the move. While there is no way to know the results of either scenario, a family law attorney is essential in either case. Ultimately, you need to work with your attorney to either develop or update your parenting plan to reflect the changes to the family's circumstances.
Your Child Support Does Not Reflect Your Current Circumstances
If you are the parent who has to pay child support to your former spouse, you already know your payments are based on many factors, including your income. In many cases, financial circumstances change. You could lose your job, become disabled and unable to work, or your wages could decrease.
If any of these things happen, you need to work with a family law attorney to ensure your child support payments change to reflect your current ability to pay. Do not simply stop making your payments, as you could end up facing major legal ramifications. Instead, have your attorney work on a child support modification on your behalf.
When you have a need that deals with family and legal matters, you need a supportive family law attorney on your side. If you need any assistance with a family law need, please contact Armstrong, Betker and Schaeffer, PLC. We would be happy to work with you.